fine art reproduction printing


jetWorks Fine Art Digital Printing

jetWorks is a fine art reproduction company based in Des Moines, Iowa. We work with local artists, photographers, art publishers, art galleries and interior designers.

jetWorks is specifically geared for artists and designers and was created from my own personal background in art. After earning my fine art degree in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking, I spent many years as an artist fulfilling orders for original works. Since that time, my twenty years of experience in the field of fine art as a painter and illustrator, I found that I could expand my market using my originals, and ‘rework’ them through the giclee print process. My experience as a sales representative and project manager in the field of design, has provided me with a range of knowledge in the local art community. I’ve spoken to many artists over the years that have an interest in this form of art and I am excited to facilitate that process, adding to the variety of art to sell. I would consider myself a ‘colorist’ in my own work, and enjoy the process of collaborating with other artists to achieve unique and outstanding print work through the giclee process.

The advantages to artists producing giclee prints, is that it can be created ‘on-demand’. Because the process is digital and does not require the larger numbers needed for an offset print order, or the time and cost that goes into traditional screen printing, it provides an excellent way for artists to produce their own prints rather than requiring a second party printer. The reward to the artist is they can  continue to focus on original work, while selling prints at an affordable price point and expanding their markets.